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I have received my final Gas Bill for $82.48.  I have closed my account as my apartment block has transferred from Gas fired hot water to an electric heat pump.


I requested the gas at our unit be properly disconnected to your customer service team but they said I had to contact Jemena.  


I subsequently called Jemena and after looking into my account they said they couldn't disconnect my gas/gas meter as I don't have a gas meter, what we have in our apartment is actually a hot water meter, and it would actually be AGL that would need to disable/disconnect that.


My question to you is that since we had this account you have been charging me for gas based on a the unit cost of Gas.  If the meter we have does not measure gas but actually measures how much water is flowing through it then effectively it's a water water meter not a gas meter.  I find it improbable that the unit cost of hot water is identical to the unit cost of gas unless you are suggesting that it takes exactly 1 MMcf of gas to heat 1 MMcf of water.  In fact fomr some preliminary research it appears the ratio is not where near this.


If this is the case, I am asking if you have been overcharging me for the entire time I have been living in this unit.


Please can you email me back to confirm exactly what you have been charging me for, highlight the different costs you have for gas use versus hot water use, and review my total usage since the account opened.


Thank you.



AGL Moderator
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Hi rufusfrasergord, so we can review the meter type and provide the requested information please get in touch via messenger in My Account.