Faulty meter

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I wonder if my meter, replaced today Finally after complaints of faulty and outlandish estimates every month will even be tested? Always requesting extensions to pay : $1060 for 3 months in a 2 person household! No heater, no air con, no dryer, no pool, it’s just not plausible and cheaper to run a generator at this point. How do I organise for it to be tested? I can’t even begin to articulate the undue stress these obscene bills have placed  on me in the past few years. Headed to source assistance from charity tomorrow as I seriously cannot pay for what we absolutely haven’t used.

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Hi Cherrie! 

Welcome to the AGL Community! 

We're sorry to hear this has caused you stress during these times. We won't be able to resolve your metering and billing enquiries over AGL Community, please Contact Us so we can do a few checks for you. 


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How do I book as meter test, as my meter seems to be faulty?