billing info not adequate

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I have a smart meter. during the last billing period thye rates during the period.

The bill only shows kw used for each of the periods by type of supply.

How have you arrived at this - is this using the actual meter readings by date?

The bill does not show the reading from the meter.

Can I see the data please?


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Hi @staces1, your smart meter reads itself in intervals and transmits that data through, so there is no real 'reading' any more. You can check out your usage for the billing period, down to individual days, through your AGL Myaccount or the AGL app. Regards- Mark.

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that is true but AGL bill does not provide any specific information about
how they have calculated the bill from the smart meter readings - just KW.
When i got the data from ausgrid - not easy - and compared it - I get
slightly different results.
It would just make life easier if they was a reference point for the data
on the bill - ie a reading value at date/time.