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My partner and I moved into our current apartment in October 2021 and have paid 6 gas bills (6 quarters = 6 bills). We have recently received a gas bill of $800 - which is insanely high and indicating that we use 3x more gas than the average 5 person home. Our previous bills have always been less than ~$200 for the quarter. 


Upon further investigation, we've found that every bill we've received since moving into the apartment have been on "estimated" readings. Including the very first fill. Our current bill is the first that is based on "actual" readings. We also found out that the gas meter is actually inside our apartment. No one has ever come to the apartment to read the gas meter - so how does AGL now suddenly have an "actual" reading to charge us?


The meter "actual" start reading is based on the previous bill's "estimated" end reading. So it's not really an actual reading then. Can someone please explain how an actual meter reading can be derived from a previously estimated start and end reading? And how it can be justified that we've used that much gas?


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Hi @Sang08,


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I'm sorry to hear that you've received what sounds like a catch up bill. If your latest meter read is actual read, even if the start read on the bill is estimated, your read will still be reflected as 'Actual' on your bill. 


I'd be more than happy to look into your account and assist you further, I'll send you a private message to grab your account details from you.


Kind Regards,


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Each month I am asked to advise AGL of my gas meter reading, which I do.  However, every time I get a monthly bill it is based on your estimation of our use.  If you are not going to use the meter reading I submit, at your request, why do you keep asking me for my meter reading each month?  Is there a problem with the technology that can not do a simple subtraction to find out exactly how much gas we have used since the previous reading?

Kind Regards

James E Flanagan

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Hi James, Thanks for reaching out. I will send you a private message shortly to discuss further. Cheers, Deepesh