Electricity Usage and suspicious dealing from AGL

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So in June I lost my job and contacted AGL in relation to payment plans. I was regularly contacted by numerous staff from AGL to ask for payment eventhough I have been told and agreed on payment plan. In August I had an outstanding bill of $200 ish but within a space of a few days at the end of August new bill came to say I now owe $988. I contacted AGL in the first week of September and was told its a catch up, whatever that mean. I now received a new bill  of another $698 for a period of 40 days totalling $1500. So within a space of 4 months I have $1500 in electricity which is up 300% from last year. Interestingly I have now a concession discount of 30% and Federal government rebate which is supposed to be applied. However I cant find anywhere on my bill to say that the federal rebate has been applied like was advised by AGL or the discount. If it was applied how is my electricity bill gone from a high of $220 per month to $698 which is more than 300% jump. Does anyone know which agency can follow up or investigate on this matter other than AGL? 

AGL Moderator
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Hi Skeletal, Thanks for reaching out. It is definitely concerning to hear that you received multiple bills during a short span. I will send you a private message shortly so I can investigate further. We would like to apologise for the inconvenience. regards, Deepesh