Electric Usage high after Smart Meter installed.

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Ever since I have had this smart meter installed my power bill has gone up and up.

I have one of those little units inside my house that shows the power getting used. Before the smart meter the unit showed that my hot water service would heat up at night as I’m a controlled load 31. Normally it would start heating up around 10.30-11pm 


Now since the smart meter upgrade my unit shows the hot water service heating up at random times during the day. If I use some hot water I can see the unit showing the hot water heating up straight after it. This was never the case before. Some days it will be at night but as said before, some days it’s all over the place.


Another thing I’m concerned about. On the AGL app, it’s showing high usage ever single day at 12.30pm even when I’m not home. Why is this the case every single day at the same time? I can’t figure this out and have no idea what’s causing that.


Hope someone can help me




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Anyone able to help plz 


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Hi @MARBROLAY, Since this is about specific account details, i'm going to send you a private message so we can take a look. Regards- Mark.