Do i have to read my own meters?

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Hi, i've just moved over to AGL electricity and gas and i've noticed on the AGL app it mentions doing your own meter readings.  I've not come across this before with previous providers. I have a smart meter for electricity and an mechanical odometer-style for gas.  The previous company would get the electricity reading remotely and do a manual reading of the gas.  I'm wondering if this process will still occur with AGL or if i need to upload either one or both?  Any help appreciated, thanks.

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No, you don't HAVE to read your meter(s) normally, the retailer contracts reading to be taken near the due date (at least on my quarterly bill, maybe they estimate for monthly billing ?).


Are you SURE that you have a digital Electricity meter ?

On the app, I have analogue meters at the workshop, when clicking on usage details, there is the option to upload a meter read.

At home, I have digital meters, and on the app there is no option to upload a meter read.


While you can upload an analogue meter read at any time during a billing period, the main reason to do this is if you sometimes have situations where a meter can't be read . . . a locked gate to the property, a dog on site, etc.

Then, the power retailer will do as estimated bill, based (supposedly) on previous usage history.


I have found estimated bills can be a LOT higher than they are, so to rectify this situation, you can do a meter read after receiving a dubious bill, contact by phone or chat, and the retailer will adjust and reissue a bill (my experience with AGL a couple of times in the past).


Not sure about gas, we don't have it, but I think I read here you can't do a gas meter read upload yourself ?

Someone form AGL will probably confirm yes or no.

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Thanks, this is very helpful.


I assume i have a digital electricity meter as with my previous supplier, i could log into my app and see each days usage.  Does AGL have a similar system?


Regarding my analogue gas meter, it's good to know i can upload the meter reading at any time.  My meter is close to the street and very safe and accessible so it sounds like the reading will be done without any issues, so sounds like i won't have any issues with bill estimates.  Thank you again for explaining.

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Hmm, I read about your previous supplier and reading daily usage.

If you have digital meters there should not be an upload reading option on the app (from my experience).

And, you should not have to upload anything, as it all happens automatically.


Do you see a CSV data download link on you app usage page ?

You might have to check this on the website portal, my phone app won't do this.


I'm not sure you can do a gas reading, but it sounds like your gas meter is not an access issue.


AGL rep will have to confirm your electric meter, and the gas part, should be possible over the phone or chat, contact here can be erratic from reps.


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This is making sense now.  It sounds like that as my account is in the process of being set up by AGL and won't become active until my final billing date with my previous supplier (in 2 weeks).  I assume then that the upload option for electricity will most likely not be available and i may be able to then see a CSV link.


The gas was probably my main concern as my two monthly bill is around $60 normally and i imagined a bill estimate would be much higher.


Anyway, i feel a lot more confident about the process now, thanks again for the help.