Do I have to use a Digital Meter?

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Does AGL mandate the use of digital meters?

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As a pensioner installing the digital meter, are there likely to be any monetary benefits to me ?

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Possibly @barjacko42 and you probably have some flexibility as a pensioner to make a few changes for the better price wise.


Read Neil C's post here . . . 


Covers TOU benefits over single rate, but . . . it all depends on YOUR location, plans available, tariff rates for YOUR location, etc.


You will see just the disparity in the various states / territories avg pricing per kwh of electricity below . . .


ACT  - 23.67c/kWh
NSW - 33.84c/kWh
NT  -   27.37c/kWh
QLD - 30.21c/kWh
SA  -  45.54c/kWh
TAS - 28.12c/kWh
VIC - 28.45c/kWh
WA  - 30.06c/kWh


. . . so it pays to do you research on the energy made easy website, punch in your address and look through the various offers, plans, rates, and associated times of various tariffs. 


Yes, it's VERY complicated . . . by design ??

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Meant to also add @barjacko42 . . .

Have spoken to a lot of solar and battery people in the past 6 months, and all have mentioned that digital meters will pretty much be mandated in the next year or three.

Makes sense, no more guessing as to readings, always up to date for previous day by later afternoons, not more labour reading meters manually.

So probably best to go to one on your terms, picking the best plan you can, and using power to best suit your needs / cost reduction.

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In short, no. The "benefits" are all one way. It lets the retailer do away with meter readers, the energy supplier can monitor useage in real time which will aid them in load shedding. It also gives the supplier the ability to isolate individual properties or specific areas if they want to. The supplier can also isolate solar arrays if they want to reduce input into their grid and if electrical appliances, such as air conditioners, are fitted with the correct hardware they will also be able to turn them off.

So from the perspective of the consumer there is no benefit to having one.