Digital Meter Upgrade and Government Rebates

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I have recently been advised via letter that my meter is to be upgraded to digital.


I currently have a standard plan (T11 / CL31) and have the Queensland Government 44 cent feed in rebate.


Before the meter is upgraded to a digital smart meter could you please answer the following questions:


Will the meter change require a new electricity plan, or will I stay on the same plan / tariffs?

Will my solar system feed-in electricity via the new smart meter?

Does the smart meter also take over the controlled load output / metering?


Most importantly, will changing the meter affect my eligibility to receive the Queensland Government Solar Bonus Scheme 44 cent feed-in tariff?



Thanks for your assistance.

AGL Moderator
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Hi Faye, thank you for reaching out. 


To further assist you with your enquiry please contact us. 


Our contact centre is available 24/7. you can find how to contact us via


Kind Regards,