DST and EV Night Saver Plan

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Hello, I've just not long signed up the the EV Night Saver Plan and now that we have clicked over to daylight saving time (clocks forward an hour) will I get the 8c/kWh rate at midnight til 6am or 1am - 7am?


I noticed on my smart meter the current time displayed is still an hour behind the DST.

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That's because AGL do not present the data correctly.


Meter Reads start from 00:00 each day so the first reading on the chart is from 00:00 till 01:00 so should read 01:00 not 12:00am, the last reading should be 12:00am (24:00) not 11:00 pm.


SAPN times are always shown in EST though, so are not really helpful.

Cheers Neil

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