New address, wrong meter and bill issue

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I have been with AGL for a number of years. I have recently moved address and started a new contract with AGL. 
I had some issues with my final bill from my old address that took a while to resolve and unfortunately (and annoyingly) I had to call a number of times and was on hold of a significant time. Point being, time consuming. 

I’m at my new address (apartment block), I received a disconnection letter from Energy Australia advising they were still the power source. Having called them, the meter that is on my AGL bill is incorrect. 

I called AGL and advised my issue, was transferred through to Resolutions team and rather than the AGL team passing on my query I had to start over again. The lady I spoke to was not helpful and somewhat rude. I’ve been told I need to create a temporary  account with Energy Australia to pay for the last 3 months, cancel my current contract (for the wrong address and meter) and then sign up again - but, likely can’t get the same terms/pricing as the product is no longer in market. 

I expressed my frustration about this, particularly that it’s not my error. The lady said she “can’t work magic” and mistakes happen - sure. Not helpful when limited solutions are being offered.

I am not in the position that I’m waiting for a meter read from Energy Australia to pay for 3 months Power at a rate I don’t know, likely to be more, when I’ve entered in a contract with AGL. 

What a crappy situation and it has been so time consuming back and forth between suppliers. Also impacted by my frustration from last address issues. 

I have more calls to make this week to address this… and whether or not to push for same price, to even bother staying with AGL, or ask for them to pay the gap to what my Energy Australia bill will be. 

Has anyone else experienced this? Not happy! What a fiasco!