Controlled load - not showing up on my bill

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Hi there, 


I contacted AGL a few months ago re my bill and no one got back to me. (the classic, we’ll investigate and get back to you then never did)

The control load is showing up as ‘0’ on each bill when previously it had seperate charges. We have electric hot water and haven’t changed anything in our home. Why am I being charged our entire electricity bill at the higher rate?? 



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If you have switched to a Smart Meter then it is possible that the installer did not reconnect your hot-water circuit to the correct circuit within the smart meter.


I would suggest you again ring AGL.


Better still, if you can log onto the AGL web site and CHAT with an operator you can get a transcript of the whole conversation which you can use if any further follow up is needed.


Before contacting them you need to make sure that you have taken down the readings from your meter.


Cheers Neil


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Cheers Neil

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