Billing with solar power

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Hi, I have solar panels and just received my first bill. I exported around 400kwh and imported 300kwh. I have a three phase power and a digital meter.


i thought the bill would net off the export and import so that I would get a credit for 100 kWh x the export rate of 20c = $20.


However it instead costed them up separately. So I sold 400 kWh at 20c = $80 and then paid for 300 kWh @ 26c. $78. So overall credit of $2 before daily supply charges were added in.


I have a solar battery, so assume the imported electricity is used more than one phase of the 3 phase, as I never use up all my battery each day.


How can I set up my billing so that the power usage and export is netted off before the charges are calculated? I was under the impression that this is how we would be billed for 3 phase digital meter solar customers?



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Hi Al123! 


Welcome to AGL Community! 


I can imagine that would have been a shock if you had not know before hand, I am sorry that this was not explained by your solar installer. 


You will always be charged for the energy you use separately to your export is credited to you.


My recommendation to optimizing your energy usage is rather than exporting it, use it. Things like washing machines, dryers, pool pumps, if you run them through the day instead of at night you are more likely to use your solar energy rather than from the grid which. 


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions specific to your account. 


Thank you