Atlas Mk7A NSW codes and query

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I just had my meter changed to the above digital meter on 15/01/20. I want to confirm the following codes as i received no information how to read this new meter. I found a related post relating to same meter but in SA which indicates the following codes represent 

03 - Excess energy consumed by customer

07 - Total energy consumed by customer's hot water

13 - Excess energy exported by solar system

43 - This register should remain at zero

53 - Total excess energy consumed by customer

63 - Total excess energy exported by solar system


Are these the same for NSW as i cant understand how my code 63 has a higher reading than my code 13. Also if the last 2 codes are (total amounts) do codes 03,07,13 reset to zero each billing period otherwise id expect codes 13 and 63 to be the same at all times? Thanks

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Hi R35284,


We are happy to have a look into this for you, but would require some of your details.


Please contact us using the link below and we will be able to have a look at your meter details.