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To my surprise and the builder of my house, I've was sent an electricity bill yesterday. I thought I might be getting a huge refund from AGL Energy myself, as I got a bill earlier this year as well, which I don't know what was for and my builder is mystified as to why I would get a bill as well. I'm not actually using any electricity because nothing has been connected up; such as stove, power points, washing machine is still in the box, dishwasher hasn't been connected up, don't have any lighting etc. No work has been carried out on the house since the end of January 2021, and of course the house is completely unlivable. Feel free to contact the builder as well because he is very confused as to why I would get an actual electricity bill, as he commented that I'm not using any electricity. When I visit my house or need to go to my house towards the end of the day, when it is starting to get dark, the only light I use is the light on my phone or sometimes a torch. Could this bill be looked into? I'm guessing that the bill has been done incorrectly, does AGL Energy need to pay me $158.95? (Rather than me owing AGL Energy money). 

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Hi @Spectral ,


To have your account looked into, you'll have to get in touch with customer service directly. Either log in to your AGL My Account page and click "Message Us" or use one of the contact options on this page.

As this is a public forum, I've removed the personal details for security.

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What the **bleep** is going on?

I received an email from AGL calling me munly008 and clicked a link in the email which logged me straight into munly008's profile on Neighbourhood and some thread that I never started.

The profile has my first and last name, email and telephone number but I don't know what the **bleep** munly008 or this message about some house and builder is...

AGL you absolute fruitcakes.

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There indeed seems to be a technical issue with multiple users being logged into this particular community profile. I'll investigate. In the meantime, for anyone needing customer support, get in touch by phone or web chat.