AGL Smart Meter?

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When we had the smart meter installed, it was smart for a few days and then went dumb! I'm sure that the original one was giving data in real time and that would make sense. The solar panels are connected by Wi-Fi so why can't the smart meter do the same?. AGL are just making too many stuff ups and even worse they are making far too many excuses. Something must be very wrong within the system

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Hi EricO! 

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Unfortunately, we don't receive your usage and solar data in real time. Your usage and solar data is sent to the network and they have this checked for us, the network then sends this data to AGL and we can then update your AGL My Account. We receive your data on a daily basis and there is generally a 48 hour window buffer to when your data is updated on your AGL My Account. 


If you're finding that your data is not being updated, please Contact Us and we can check to see what data we have available for your account. 


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