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Received my latest electricity Energy Insights report showing breakdown of usage.

of my account . of $510  some $280 was attributed to  Electric Hoter Water.

tne issue is we have gas hot water at our home and this is billed via our AGL Gas Account.

Am I being charged twice on both accounts or is tne Insights Usage Report a useless document.?

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Hi 1410! 

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Energy Insights is a free service from AGL. It provides an estimated breakdown of energy usage in your home to help you better understand how electricity is used in your home. We're not able to see what electrical appliances that you have at the property, you can update your Home Energy Profile on your My Account, this will update the insights report to what electrical appliances that you have. 


Further information can be found on our website:


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My report is the same, a third apparently is electric hot water but we have gas. Very annoying, it makes the report pointless. I’ve updated my profile so let’s see if the report changes. 

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For the month of December so far on Xmas day morning, 62% of my energy bill is towards electric hot water, where I’m not even sure I shower over 30 minutes a week, I don’t pay for gas/water and thought my hot water was gas anyways, I wonder if my bill is mistaking this for my portable air con/dehumidifier, or even my modem/google nest which is the only thing I live plugged in overnight besides my bar fridge, might just unplug that too now as well.

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Overall, we've been quite pleased with transparency that the AGL app with smart meter, ToU taffis in Qld and the Energy Insights updates regularly provided for our EV Plan (still on a fixed price contract from 18 months ago). Also the idea of 'teaching' my AGL profile about the various household items and useage: have been over this a few times now. However:

Those insights constantly appear to provide incorrect information; looks good on the face of it, but it NEVER shows our air-con cooling or heating use as an identified line item (four split systems here), but instead seems to include this in 'standby and always on', providing unecessary warnings about this useage etc.

We self-mangage our'vampire' devices quite well and are fully aware of this with charging on powerboards that are switched off at certain times, ditto the televisions etc. No, the main reporting reporting problem accuracy is in the fact that our splt systems are never identified & that this useage is clearly bundled in 'stanby'.

Of course this has been very noticable in the recent heatwave here in Brisbane & where the air-con useage has been far nigher than normal. Would be very useful if AGL could attend to this reporting innaccuracy.

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I have AGL Energy Insights quite misleading. We have a solar hot water system with an electric booster switch in the kitchen for rainy/overcast weather. We haven't used this switch at all in the last month but Insights estimates that we have used "Electric Hot Water" to the value of over 25% on our latest bill. The meter providers (Plus ES) have told us that there is no "Solar Hot Water" usage for our premises.  So why does Insights suggest that we have been using electric hot water when we have a solar system? I think the Insights estimates are just bad guesses, given that there is no other option apart from 'solar boost' (or similar) to tick on our home profile. Why is no way for AGL to tell us EXACTLY what appliances have used EXACTLY how much powet/electricity, instead of only an overall Kw usage?

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I find that it seems to be a lot of guesswork. I don’t have high bill (it’s never over $100 but the Energy Insight report thinks that my 2 smart TV’s (0ne only used when the grandchildren come over) has the biggest use ‘always on’ of energy  of course this report doesn’t take into account home security cameras. 📸 

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There are systems that you can purchase that can monitor your complete system, however these require a BIT of money and professional fitting.


You can however purchase a POWER METER from many sources.


To get an idea  do a search of POWER METER on eBay.


Prices start around $7.


With these devices you can measure the usage of single device and in most cases see the instantaneous usage and the accumulative kWh usage over time, also the voltage and  current draw (amps).


It takes a while but you can measure every device in the house if you wish.

Cheers Neil

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