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I mentioned to someone that my winter bill more than doubles in winter I do use a split system  ATM they said if I put a higher fuse inside it will lower that bill is it as simple as that or will I need to upgrade the  whole fuse box inside  to achieve this  pls help

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No, a fuse change won't change power an appliance uses.


A split system heating running same all the time with draw X power, and nothing will change in power use apart from . . . Not using it as much . . . turning down the thermostat from say 24 to 22, or even 20 . . . getting a more efficient reverse cycle air cond unit.


It's a bit sad when power prices are so high that people have to consider not heating their spaces as much or at all, we are all in the same boat apart form very high income homes.

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Agree with Les, that fuses do not save energy usage but they do protect the devices connected to them.


Did you also consider the other effects of winter, the use of lights increase, colder temps mean longer and warmer showers, use of the heat lamps in the bathroom, use of the dryer, electric blankets, even the fact that TV, Game Boxes etc are in use for longer...... how about that small electric fan heater you use.....


Now about the fuse box, changing the fuses is not an easy task and changing one fuse may cost as much as $300 upgrading the fuse box may cost as much as $2000 or more.

Cheers Neil

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