High usage spike at 7pm - not home

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Hi group,


today i cheked my usage in the AGL website, and for Sunday it looked like this...what was this high usage spike at 7pm. When i was not home and heating wasnot on. seems excessiveScreenshot 2024-06-19 111213.png

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Not having the scale to show this HUGE spike does not help in trying to answer your question.


I note that there was no real usage for the rest of they day only for the times between 7pm and 8pm and the larger spike between 8pm to 9pm.,


It could be a fridge going into a defrost cycle or a light with a movement sensor turning on. (If you live in Qld this could be someone walking around the outside of your house trying to gain entry)


Now I know you are going to say I have got the times wrong, but it is AGL that has the times wrong. You must have a smart meter to get this graph so you can download your data file and read it for yourself.


A day in the file starts midnight and finishes at midnight, so the first hour finishes at 0100 and the last hour finishes at 2400 (23:59:59).


Therefore the first line in the graph should be 01:00 not 12am (00:00) as stated.


I would also hazard a guess and say that you have a single rate tariff due to the consistency of the costs below the chart. 


Well that's my thoughts.

Cheers Neil

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