Peak Energy Rewards

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What exactly does

"importing 0kWh less from the grid." mean

Presumably it means import 0kWh less from the grid between the period of the trial - 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm - and necessarily I suggest with reference to another equally precisely defined period of time. So when is that.

I tried the trial a few days ago and guessed it meant what it said, so tried to use nothing less (which to an engineer means use the same or more than) in the 6:30 / 7:30 period than I had in the previous 1 hour period, so ramped my consumption up and failed the trial. Bad guess, but less ambiguous message construction would remove the need to guess.

The wording in this second trial is no clearer from where I sit so I'll try a different guess. I'm cooling the house down now and will run on "stored" cold and battery to a greater degree after 6:30 and hope that's what's meant.

While we're waiting to see whether this guess is better than the last consider this.

Doesn't "Import 0kWh less than" mean either "Import an amount exactly the same as or an amount greater than the reference amount? Also, what's the reference period, and how does someone measure that amount precisely ing the reference and the challenge for the purposes of the challenge unless they have a sufficiently precise monitoring system?


Regards, Graham Strauss

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Hi @gps2119, thank you for reaching out us. 

I'm going to message you privately to ask for some more details, and will follow this up for you.

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