High Usage Puzzle

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After my account came in, I browsed through the hourly usage tool over a period of 6 days when we were on holiday. My question is- how can we be experiencing ‘high usage’ at a variety of times during the day, when we’re not at home?

After huge hikes in our monthly bills, after many many years with AGL, we’re done.

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Yes, getting hard to keep household costs under control.

Everything is going up and up it seems at times, energy, housing mortgage rates / rents, food, fuel.

Energy companies in particular have really put the pressure on peoples budgets, especially the last recent increases.


Of course the average wage earner isn't seeing their salaries going up in parallel.


I guess in your case, it comes down to knowing what power you use, in what appliances, at what times, and try and upgrade equipment where needed to more efficient appliances, and maybe use at more economical times if you have cheaper TOU rates.


It's a shame in the lucky country we have to do this with all our resources 😕

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I have an old TV which still works and a new second-hand fridge, the rest
are new appliances. But AGL said, Oh, perhaps you have a pool? I said,
Nope, I live in a unit, don't have a pool. I'm waiting until i get my
actual reading, stop adding on an extra 100% thanks. They're like, sorry,
not sory.