nbn connection

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I signed up for the 100mbps NBN plan of AGL.


I received the modem from AGL.


My building already had FTTB NBN.


But until now, I have not received any email or sms about NBN connection from AGL. I tried plug in the modem and connect, it just said "No internet" and the website I browsed will turn to "Cannot find your DNS address" ( obviously since AGL have not provided me wifi yet )


Also, will AGL need to connect and provide NBN wifi physically at the building ? Since we will need to submit a form to the building to provide access permission into the server room.


What should I do now ?


Thank you very much.



AGL Community Manager
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Hi @quocminhh , if you received a modem from us, there also should have been some instructions provided in the box for getting set up. Have you followed those? What modem did you receive?