Internet laggy when playing online games

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I'm getting alot of lag to the point where my games are unplayable. Frequent lag spikes every couple of seconds.


At the moment speed tests are returning relativly positive results from my 100/20 plan.


Getting rougly ~100 down and ~15 up on average.


I've run about 50 or more speed tests in the last few days, have some screen shots of a few of them.


I very recently switch to AGL from TPG


Have gone through router setup and switched from PPPoE to Dynamic IP which is what the phone support told me to do


Am playing the same game, same pc, same router, same ethernet connection as when I was on the previous provider last week.


I've restarted both my router and the black NBN box multiple multiple times.


It seems to happen the worst around 8pm syd time (when phone support closes)


If I wait around to about 10pm it seems to go back to normal.


Are there any router settings or configurations that  you suggest besides switching to Dynamic IP? Is there anything else I can try here?


It's difficult because the issue usually happens as soon as phone support closes for the night. It would be great if they stayed open a little longer (maybe 10pm at least). At least I would be able to replicate the issue while I'm on the phone.

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I spoke to AGL support today during the day. when this issue wasnt happening, as phone support are closed by the time i get on my pc to experience the issue.


I changed to PPPoE with the ACC****** user/pass


Also changed to using the google DNS for IPv4 and


Also changed to enabling IPv6 with dynamic IP and DNS 2001:4860:4860::48 and 2001:4860:4860::8844


Still getting same laggy performance. Even getting really really bad download speeds too. Getting 40min download time on wireshark which is ~80mb.


Speed test still reporting OK speeds.


ping and tracert from cmd reporting timeouts.


Hope this can get fixed somehow..... 

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Same issue happened to me

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I am using the home ultrafast but i am barely getting the speed that was advertised