Terrible Internet Connection

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I switched over to AGL with my electricity and NBN last week.

Since shifting my internet service (and despite being on the Home Fast plan), we are having constant issues with webpages not loading, internet dropping out, Foxtel/Netflix not working, phones not able to connect to wifi etc.

We have troubleshooted, restarted the modem, reconnected our TVs and phones, checked for outages and run speed tests.

Despite good results on speed tests, our internet connection is absolutely shocking and we are switching back to our old provider - we had no issues with them, and it's not worth saving $15 per month with AGL to have internet that doesn't work.


I've been trying to get in contact with AGL all day to cancel our service, and can't get through on the phone and have had no response to my chat messages since 9am this morning.

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Ashlea ,sorry to hear you've been struggling with poor internet performance. When you say you can't get through on the phone, do you mean you've encountered long wait times?

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Also having similar issues since transferring to AGL from Telstra on taking up HOMEFAST NBN service (100mbps). Regularly measuring sub 30mbps download speeds through my FINGBOX AND through OOKL SPEEDTEST (AGL APP on the other hand continues to claim the speed is higher...varies between 50 and 90)... very slow response from support,  too. Not happy paying fir a service in not getting. 

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So sorry you’re having the same issues as we did!
I switched back to our previous provider right away, it was such a joke and
I couldn’t get through to anyone from AGL for help.

Then they tried to charge me for the full month even though I was only with
them a week 🙄
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Yep - i'm having the same issues. I'm going to move back to Telstra. 

Should have known. the AGL mobile plan also sucked so badly I moved back to Telstra after a week. 

Seriously wonder if my power and gas are also having such bad issues?! (A joke. My lights and oven seem to be working fine when I need them - UNLIKE MY SUPER FAST INTERNET THAT CANT LOAD A WEBPAGE AND FREEZES ON TEAMS CALLS)