Slow PPPoe - Fast DHCP

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When I enter the PPPoe settings (ACC for both username and password) for internet access I get no more than 200Mbps download. When DHCP is selected I get closer to 1000Mbps.


I am signed up to the Home Ultrafast plan.  Any help would be appreciated before contacting support.



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Sorry if I'm missing something but is there any reason you wouldn't just use DHCP?

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Can't speak for OP, but I'm running into this as well, and in my case I need to use PPPoE as that seems to be necessary to get a public IP (in addition to asking support to enable this on your account).


Edit: I can no longer get DHCP to work at all - I'm guessing it gets disabled after switching to a public IP and I could only switch back to it until my lease expired

Edit 2: Support resolved my issue, now have gigabit with PPPoE and a public IP.

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Support was able to resolve this issue for me - I now have gigabit down with PPPoE and a public IP, though it took a few attempts to get a technician who understood the issue and was able to chase things up with his colleagues to find the correct settings to get things to work.

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That's great news @DarkStarSword  - any insight from support on what the underlying issue was? It might potentially help other members here facing the same problem.

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From what I gather the issue was something to do with the "profile" my account was set to on AGL's side - it seems that these profiles differ depending on whether the account is set to a public or private IP, and there was initially no option that the technician could choose to enable gigabit with a public IP, though there were a few options that he wasn't sure about, so he had to consult with his colleagues to find a solution - which he was able to by the end of the day.


It's also worth noting that the technician spotted that the TpLink router they provided had not been set up to use the correct PPPoE credentials - it was set to some default 13 digit value, but both username + password should have been set to the ACC****** account number. Fixing this by itself did not change the speed, but it sounded like it might be necessary in addition to the profile change on their end.