Seriously bad AGL internet customer service

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NBN service down for 3 days. Will be 5 days when Support sraff return. I am told due NBN service is out due to an unplanned outage. I was TOLD an SMS will be sent when service restored.NOTHING.


I am away from Home and wife is home alone. She called AGL and they refused to talk to her as not authorised. I called and told there is an unplanned outage. I have asked AGL to call my wife and they refused. They do not return calls.


AGL internet hours are apparently 8am to 6pm weekdays and no support on weekends.Not advised this when I changed ISPs. 


AGL support just disappear leaving effected customers without any assistance. This is rubbish.


I have stated I have concerns for the safety of my wife as our home security is down and she has limited phone service without NBN as mobile service is poor..


There is no concern for customer safety unlike the recording on your phone service.


AGL Internet support processes are Disgraceful. There is no duty of care to customers safety or for the service paid for.


Lodging a complaint takes days apparently to get attention. I simoly cant get anyone to give a d.amn to my wiifes safety or for the service paid for.


AGL iinternet has to be THE WORST NBN service I have ever used.I have only discovered this after being a customer for more then 12 months as never had an issue to now.