Poor Internet Connection

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I seriously considering finding another service provider.

I am relatively new to AGL and moved across as my electricity account is with AGL - thinking this would simplify things a bit.

From the start I have had issues - and after a number of calls to the service team, who have been helpful in resetting the modem - I still can't access some websites.  Sometimes it takes 5-6 attempts to reach a website and the speed is so slow that some sites time-out, all adding to a little bit of frustration.

At times there is no internet whatsoever - this late at night when there is most likely very few people utilizing the NBN.

Not sure how to resolve this as the AGL technical team is located offshore and have been trying their best to resolve.

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @DavidG_GC , sorry to hear you've been having these ongoing issues. As you're probably aware, there could be a number of things causing this and troubleshooting can sometimes take time. I'm glad the technical team have been working through this with you, and I hope you'll be able to reach a satisfactory resolution soon.