No Internet Whatsoever

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Signed up to AGL about two weeks ago as they had cheap deals if bundled with electricity, etc.


We've moved into a new place that has FTTN NBN and I bought a TP-Link Archer VR400 modem/router for it as it says it was compatible. 


Since moving in a week ago we've had no internet. According to AGL, everything is connected and fine on their end and they advised to get an electrician out to have a look at the telephone ports. Electrician came out this morning and said everything is fine, they even replaced the ports In case, still no internet coming through. 


I've only got the power and wifi light showing on the router. I've done the setup multiple times 


Any suggestions on who to contact for this? I'm renting and all this is at my own cost to fix, so might just be worth trying a 5G Box with a different provider? Or maybe contact NBN to send a technician out? 

AGL Moderator
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HI @Jarzd 
Can I confirm what cables you have plugged into your modem? 

Thank you,