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Having issues with consist wifi connectivity.

It doesn’t seem to reach very far, and when in reach commonly drops in and out of connection.

Initially I chose the basic internet service, and have since upgraded, unfortunately this has not resolved.
I’m an existing customer, with gas and electricity provided by AGL. Yet unfamiliar as a telecommunications customer.
Do others experience this issue too?

AGL Moderator
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Hi @efffffffffffs 

Can I confirm what type of modem are you using? 

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Have you had the internet at home prior to this.


Many factors affect home wifi services.


The channel you are on, the thickness of the walls if using a phone or a PC of some sort.


Your PC if not a current model may not have a suitable wireless card and may be upgradable.


I just had a walk around our house and monitored my connections to the router using my mobile phone.


Inside the house I had a 5gHz connection anywhere, walking out the front I lost the 5gHz connection to main router straight away maintained a connection to the secondary router down past the carport, I still had a 2.4gHz connection to the secondary router for another 5 metres.


Using my laptop I can still get a 5gHz service anywhere in the yard and the phone still has a connection at the back fence.


We have a 4 bedroom house on a 1200 sq meter block and are lucky that we only have ELEVEN Wifi services that I can see, five of these are in this house, Solar Inverter on 2.4gHz, 2* 2.4gHz and 2 *5gHz.


There are three hidden networks on 2.4gHz and three other routers operating on 2.4gHz, of these six three of them are operating on channel 6.


Now you are asking why I have explained this...


If one of my two 2.4gHz services was operating on channel 6, I would get drop outs if I took my laptop out the front yard because the signal from the other router(s) was stronger.


Both of our phones support 5gHz so we can use the home network instead of using data from our internet supplier, my PC has 5gHz support and I use this network rather than 2.4gHz as it is 3 times faster, we maintain the 2.4gHz network 

because my housemates TV does not support 5gHz. Eventually she may get a newer TV and then she will switch to all 5gHz.


I know that you may not understand this but in setting up your modem you probably set up the defaults which generally means that your router on setup scanned for used channels and picked a free one.


However since then someone in the near vicinity may have set up a new router and your device may suddenly see the other router.


Firstly I suggest that you turn off your router, leave it for a minute and then turn it back on. When you do this it may find a different channel and that may fix your issue.


The other issue is that your router may not be in the best place to where you are accessing the router. 5gHz signals do not travel as far as 2.4gHz signals.


Try and locate your router to the closest point nearest your device, if you have multiple devices then try and balance the correct placement.


As I did you can use your phone to see your coverage, simply got into settings / connections /Wi-Fi and you will see available connections.


Say if you have a computer desk, start from there and then walk around the house and then see when the connection drops, you may even see that your phone cannot connect to your router as the antenna in a phone is considerably smaller than one in a PC or even a tablet.


If you cannot find a better place for your router you may have to install a repeater.


Now I speak as a person with over 40 years of experience in computing and of course I do everything myself and I know how expensive it is for people that do not understand and get some one in to help. I was away and a friend of mine was having issues and got "Geeks 2 you" to come round, $170 later they left, TV was working but the PVR was not, said it needed a new hard drive.


She told me when I got back, I went round plugged it all back in (it was unplugged from everything), tested the PVR, she was all happy.


Now, upgrading your internet service would have not resolved your issue by the way, I presume you did not get a new router and or moved the router to a different location.

Cheers Neil

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