Need higher Wi-Fi download Mbps

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My current download Mbps is 26.6. I need it higher than 28 or everything I watch keeps buffering. How do I increase this? I have nbn and live in Chelsea, 3196

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @AlexCoop, sorry the speeds you're getting haven't been up to scratch. First step would be determine which plan you're on and then check the expected speeds, which you can do on our NBN plans page. For example, if you're on our Home Basic plan, expected typical speeds for a busy period would be 25Mbps, which is in line with what you're seeing, but on any other plan you should be seeing higher.

We've got a few troubleshooting steps for slow speeds on our Internet Troubleshooting and Outages page. I'd recommend taking screenshots of a few speed tests at different times, and then sending a message to Support, either on your My Account page or via the app.