NBN speed super slow during night 1-2M for a home fast 100/20 plan with fiber to premise

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I switched to AGL’s NBN home fast plan this week which claims 100/17 Mbps typical busy period speeds (7pm-11pm), the speed is normal during day time, but the night experience is really bad, only got 1-10Mbps download speed typically, it is way below standard. Please see the speed test results from different speed test sites Within Australia just now






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Hi @Isaacliu , sorry to hear your evening speeds haven't been up to standard. Have you been in touch with support about this yet?

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Thanks David for the response, I just hope off the call with support team, report them the issue, and was told they have refreshed my internet connection from their end and assured me the problem will be resolved. I'll keep an eye during night see if the situation improves.


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Thanks, @Isaacliu , please do let me know if you don't see an improvement. Our network team are investigating performance issues like this at the moment, so the more feedback I can pass along to them the better. 

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@David_AGL Speed back to terrible again at night, at 8:30pm, download speed drop to 3-4Mbps again, see the screenshots took just now. It seems the tech support said the problem will be resolved after he reset internet from your end is not true. Highly appreciate if you can help pass the info to your network team and help to escalate for a proper resolution.




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@Isaacliu , sorry to hear that the issues weren't resolved by the restart. I'll pass these details along. Would you mind sending me a private message (click my name on Neighbourhood) with your Internet account number, please?

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@David_AGL Thank you, message you my account number via private message just now 

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Called support team and he said already reset from their end and told me rest assured for improvement, the fact didn’t reflect that at all, I’m sitting here waiting a long time even open this forum site with a 0.6Mbps fibre NBN again.


@David_AGL is the only one responding us, but the other team seems helpless. 



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We have the exact same issue, and exact same (useless) response from AGL. I suspect this is a common problem with wholesale NBN providers - limited bandwidth shared by too many customers.

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@Isaacliu @Peterrrr @David_AGL ,

Hi Guys,

When you are doing a speed test you know that everything else connected to your router needs to be turned off.

My housemate is watching Netflix at the moment. My speed test via FAST.COM is 49Mbps.

My router states that I am connected to my NBN router @ ↓ 61.3 Mbit/s ↑ 14.6 Mbit/s

It also states that I am 602 metres from the Nokia Broadcom Version 11.4.33  router (FTTN, Fibre To The NODE) using the existing 100 pair line running down my street.


My internet provider is currently giving me a reduced cost rate because in testing by my provider they claimed that NBN was giving me a a lesser rate.


NBN contacted me and told me that they would like to test the connection from me to the NODE, they came in the house and tested my connection and had exactly the same result that my router had told me and they were quite surprised how accurate the Fritzbox router was.


Right now my S/N ratio is 11dB on RX and 13dB on TX.


Yep my housemate is still streaming a show on netflix and we only have 50/10.


Have you plugged your PC into the router via a CAT 5/6 cable and tested, if your home router is not setup correctly (ie AUTO select for your wireless) it can be very unreliable.


https://speedtest.telstra.com/  states 49Mbps and 13Mbps

https://fast.com/  states 53Mbps and 14.2Mbps

https://www.whistleout.com.au/Broadband/Speed-Test  claims 49Mbps and 48Mbps


Right now.


I always use fast.com as it more regular.!!!


We have 4 wireless networks in our house using a Fritzbox 7420 and a TP-Link Archer D-7, she uses the Fritzbox on 2.4Ghz for TV and 5Ghz for her phone.


I use the Archer with 5Ghz (and three 6.5 gain antennas) for my Computer/ TV and 2.4Ghz for my phone as it covers the whole yard.


Have you tested your system at other times, my NODE router is limited to 60/14 Mbps so it does limiting anyway.

Cheers Neil

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