I am beyond frustrated with the wifi dropping out and the poor customer service

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I honestly thought this was just me.

I have had nothing but dramas with this service provider,  the pathetic tiny percentage they take off your electrical bill, is no longer worth it.


Every single freaking day always hallway  through a zoom call, or email it will drop out.

I am a full time university student, and that means i need a solid connection.  But noo, every day we experience any where from  4-8 drop outs.


Every single time i try and use you chat function, i get a bot,  and the same freaking generic message, " turn it off and back on, check the cables, reset it blah blah BLAH. Ive given up trying to call, I can NEVER GET THROUGH.


Do you guys just hope that by ignoring us, we will just deal with it??

I am not prepared to pay for a technician to come out and fix your **bleep**ty cables...


So now i ask what exactly are you going to do?? What lousy compensation are you goingbto offer up??


These university modules are anywhere from 5 thousands per class per semester.. how am i supposed to participate when they are online classes?? Are you going to foot my HECS fees??


I just love how you make me USE my registered  email and phone number just to post in here, so no excuse you can pull up my account  details and fix this problem..


And dont bother sending me emails asking me to upgrade my plan and suffer through another minimal term contract ... 


I would also appreciate you not attempting to spam call me.



Kindest  regards....

One very pissed off consumer.

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Agl_wifi_sux ,


Sorry to hear you've had so many issues with your connection - definitely fair enough to vent your frustrations here! Unfortunately we won't be able to help troubleshoot the issue via this public community, so your best bet will be to call. I know wait times can be long, but you'll need to speak with a support agent so they can help figure out what's going on here.



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Yeah nah, I  shouldnt have to chase your team up. 

I am waiting on my new NBN provider to be connected, and then y'all  be a thorn out of my side.

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What a beautiful customer service and slow internet. So amazing I have same experience when I contact them they say reset and restart again and again even the issue is not fixed at all. After that i replied not fixed yet then they just left the chatroom, and another consultant join the chatroom and repeat the same thing. How wonderful it is, finally I decided to change service provider.

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Even i posted this issue in this community section they just deleted my posting including replies so annoying

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Hi @kevinpark - you other post wasn't deleted, but it was automatically flagged as spam for some reason. Sorry about that. I've just restored it and responded there.