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I am an existing account holder of AGL 

I have 2 gas accounts with AGL

SGL promised discount for new internet plans

I Ahmed up thinking there was a discount

This is a lie. Wrongful advertising cos I was not goeven the discount

The internet did not work

i cannot contact anyone 

I tried using online chat but was cut off  after informing them of my problem

i asked for a return call but I have not heard from them

i used an TPG modem but it didn’t work

nobody is helping me but now I am being charged although I do not have any service

i feel very helpless and frustrated

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @ngpeter777

Sorry to hear you've had such a frustrating experience. We certainly do offer discounts when you bundle your AGL Internet or Mobile with AGL Energy. You can find more details about this on our Plan Builder.


Regarding your connection issues, I hope you've managed to find a resolution already, but if not, I would recommend you leave us a message via your My Account page or on the AGL mobile app. Using messaging, it's not possible for your conversation to be "cut off" and you won't need to wait on hold on the phone.

Finally, it sounds like you're using your own supplied modem rather than an AGL-provided one. While our support agents will do their best to help you get connected using whatever modem you have, we can only guarantee that AGL supplied modems will work. Generally though, BYO modems will work just fine with the right setup.

Let us know how you're going when you get a chance.

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I have no internet connection on my mobile I do have an AGL account