NBN Onboarding - Remote Activation

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How does the NBN onboarding process work? 


I signed up on Sunday and today Tuesday I got an SMS saying: 

"please contact AGL on 1300 001 038 to complete your Network Termination Device (NTD) test. This will allow nbn co to complete remote activation of your service. Thanks, AGL Team"


So I called the number straight away and after half an hour wait the customer service rep had no idea what I was talking about or what to do so he said "I will find out what the issue is and call you back within 24hr to 48hrs".

Not great first experience as it seems that the onboarding processes hasn't been planned out properly. If you get such a text from AGL asking you to call and you call the person on the phone should know what needs to be done to do the remote activation, it should be a very quick process.

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @ThirstyOctopus. Agreed - it looks like something may have gone wrong with the onboarding process here, so I'm sorry about that. Unfortunately I don't have the required access to your account so I won't be able to investigate directly. Support should get back in touch within the specified window, and hopefully they will be able to sort this out quickly.

 It may also be that the text was sent in error. Is your internet service connected and working at this point?

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Thanks all good, I called the same number again and this time it was someone that did know what to do and they actioned the remote activation. So sorted now.