Internet stopped working with BYO modem

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Over a month ago I signed up for internet with AGL. I chose the BYO modem option as I thought it would be less money. After hours of frustration I finally got the internet connected and working. It has been working since. 

Then last week out of no where the internet stopped working. Every light on nbn and modem are working except for the “internet” light. I called AGL last week and spent 2 hours troubleshooting with no solution. The person I was speaking to was supposed to reboot the internet and call me back, he never did. I gave it a few days and have now called back. They are telling me I need to buy one of their modems. 

I find this ridiculous. My modem was working fine, it’s a problem on their end. And they want me to pay for another modem. Any suggestions on how to avoid having to pay for another modem, or even where to switch providers because I have found AGL no help whatsoever. I’m very disappointed in the support I’ve received from this company and will not recommend them to anyone. 

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Hi @Kendall562, it does sound strange that your modem is no longer working despite it working as expected earlier. Can I ask if you've heard from AGL since you made this post a few days ago?

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Agreed it’s very strange. No I have not heard from anyone. 

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I've touched base with our tech support team who've suggested the following troubleshooting steps @Kendall562:


  1. Check the back of your router to ensure that your internet line is connected to the WAN port (usually red), and not a LAN port
  2. Try a different ethernet cable to ensure this is not faulty
  3. Complete a factory reset on your modem

Could you please try these and let me know how you get on?

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I did a factory reset and it seems to be working at the moment. Thanks for your help! 

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Same thing here.


Internet worked fine (I've had zero issues until now, other than opaque setup process) until this morning- red internet light. Couldn't get it working, tried another modem. It worked a few hours now it doesn't again. 

Apparently all is fine on NBN end and it's my end- I'm at a loss as to how I can wake up and not have NBN work anymore.


PS. AGL NBN- PLEASE PLEASE advertise your support number. I waited 35 minutes only to be told I wanted the support number ending on 035, not 032.