Getting Started

Everything you need to know about your Community as a new user.

Everything you need to know about your Community as a new user.

Welcome to Your Community!

AGL Moderator

Hi everyone,


Welcome to your AGL Community - a dedicated online forum where you can share, discuss and learn about all things energy.


We created the online community in an effort to make finding information and solutions easier – by people just like you.


To get started: 


1. Need immediate, specific account/billing assistance? While we want to help you effectively manage your energy, the Community is not suited to handle 1:1 service enquiries. Instead, it's purpose is to present commonly asked questions, share tips and experiences, and discuss energy topics like renewables and technology. To help with account and billing questions where you need to share sensitive information (i.e. your account and personal details), please contact us


2. Review our simple ‘house rules’ to be followed by all of our community members. We want you to feel at all times that your thoughts and opinions matter and are respected.


3. Sign up and feel free to introduce yourself to your fellow Community members. If you just want to browse topics, you are more than welcome to as well! Feel free to sign up when you are ready to ask a question or contribute.  


4. Already have an AGL My Account or the AGL app? Use this same email address or log in details to easily access and start contributing on the Community. 


5. That's it! Start a search for answers in the Knowledge Base, ask a question or join a discussion


Your Community Manager is - me - Sam, better known by my screen name, Samjy.  If you have any queries or concerns, or just want to say hello, feel free to give me a shout!


Fun features to enhance your Community experience: 


It's mobile friendly

The Community website is fully responsive. That means that no matter what device you're on, you'll be able to enjoy the full community experience with no loss of functionality. We've aimed to make the website easy to use no matter where you're accessing it from.


Your Community profile

  • Avatars: When you sign up, you are automatically allocated an avatar. If you'd like to change yours, it's easy: Click your avatar at the top of the page, and then My Settings from the pull out menu. You'll find the avatars in the menu on this page.
  • Settings:  Under My settings: Personal, change your username, feel free to be as specific or general as you like.
  • Notifications:  To stay up to date with anything you have posted or contributed, go to My Settings then, Subscriptions and Notifications and make sure you are set to receive an email notification. 

Found something helpful? Give it a thumbs up! 

Let someone know that you appreciate their contribution to a discussion. You will find a thumbs up icon at the bottom of each post, which when clicked will add a ‘like’ to the user’s post. Find out more here.


Feedback is welcome

We want to hear what you think of the Community site. Good or bad, we don't mind. Feel free to leave feedback here or you can  Private Message me directly if you're more comfortable doing it that way.


Our community team are here to help if ever you need them, just sing out - we're here for you!


Thanks for being involved in the Community! 


Cheers, Samjy

Before posting, make sure you are familiar with our community guidelines.

And be sure to give a like when you see a helpful post from a user!