what happens when change over to digital

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I am getting real concerned now. Seeing my next meter reading is due with in 10 days from the time its told me my meter will be changed over . what happens at the time it is done. aparently after you get this new digital meter the will be No person actually come out to read it. But the big concern is How will they know how much electricty has been used (from the old meters) has been used Up untill the day the new meter is installed If they the meter is not physicall read. a estimate is Not good enough old meters require a person to actually come out and read them.

Please enlighten me on this .

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Hi @jimmey,


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When your old meter is removed, technician will record that meter read and send it to us so that we can include that usage on your bill. After your digital meter is installed, your meter will be sending us your usage interval report daily. You can find out more about how these meters operate and how electricity is recorded, on our website


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good. then ill still be getting quarterly bills as planed thanks
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Hi Jimmey


Having been through this I would advise you to photograph your old meter readings before the technician takes it away.  That way you can prove what the reading was in case it doesn't get read by the technician like mine never seemed to be.  Hopefully you won't need it. 


Regards Michael

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Thankyou ill do that hopefully im about the day they come.twice now they have got it wrong, mind you that was when i , upon there request took clear photos and sent them through.
So something went wrong there.
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Thankyou Michael57

Hope you didnt experience any problems on the change over. Guess you took a photo and didnt need to use it to disputr anything.  im thinking once the old meter are removed the is no way of checking if the was anything wrong with them.

but at least its a start. My problem has been in the last 2 bill times , i have been asked to sent pictures through becouse the bill has been wrong. But still , at there end the system has read / calculated them wrong. eventually they got it right.

I have another question - its only the meter they change and all else reami and fuses on /off switch for the hot watrer and the other swith for the electricty ? I also see conflicting info on the web they say a digital meter change is not a smart meter but the email i got inplies that it it works the same , as you dont get a actual person comeout to read it ?