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I'd like to discuss how difficult it seems to be to get a refund after disconnecting. My account is in over $700 credit due to my husband and I being diligent payers of $50 ea a fortnight . 

Now I have show "proof"

of the credit we paid ,banks statements and account details and address.

Firstly, agl was more than happy to take my credit i set up in direct debit and also debit the same account for the bill. All this proof was set up with the account originally. If i known how hard this would be i would have never stayed in credit! 
screen shots with all these details on one screen are impossible with on line banking, I feel that I have been asked far to much from me from your company to get MY money returned to me and your just being difficult because i've moved energy providers.  I was originally told 5-7 days for refund , not true.

Secondly why do i have to provide proof of address ? This is the address youve been billing for years! and i disconnected it. There is your proof! 

thirdly the govt rebate amount that was also in credit to me needs to be transferred to the my new energy provider Origin and i've yet to see proof from agl that this is going to happen.

AGL Moderator
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Hi @steph73, thank you for reaching out.

Due to anti money-laundering rules and regulations, any refund over the amount of $499 requires proof of payment, proof of ownership (bank details match account name) and proof of address, especially if the refund is coming via cheque to the property.

Please forward these documents to our payments team at so they can assist you in receiving you refund.

Kind regards,