incredibly hih bill for month

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Who Do i complain to in regards to a crazily high bill for the last month? I supply my meter readings, including pictures of the meters -  each month as I have the old fashioned clock face meters.

I also read them every second day and record the numbers. 

Ever since i moved in it's the same mistakes being made. How can I go from $132 last month to $484 when I was not even at home, away due to family death interstate for 2 weeks.     The customer reads people have no idea and seem to not listen to my complaint. 


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Hi Dragongirl65,

I'm sorry to hear about this frustrating experience.

It sounds like you may be dealing with an estimation of your usage - you can check this at:

To make a complaint, or have this issue investigated further, you can contact us via, using any of the available methods.

Kind regards,