Why does our AGL online account show a 'Needs Attention'?

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Our account overview page has always shown our panels to be working. Today it has the message that our Solar Starus "needs Attention" with a red X in the centre.


We followed the checks but we couldn't find anything wrong.

AGL Moderator
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Hello @PaAndMe, Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. 


The solar status assists you to monitor your solar system's estimated performance and identify any potential issues that could help with improving your solar generation. 


There are four solar statuses, and you can find out what they all mean via our website.  


I am glad to hear that you have checked your system and there is nothing wrong, even though the app may indicate one of the four statuses, it is still possible that there is no issue with your panels or export. 


I hope this helps! 


Kind Regards,