Supply Charges

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I can understand that rates for Electricity can change due to production costs etc but I cannot understand why my supply charge would change, in 2019 I was paying $0.84 for supply and in August 2022 with a rate change I will be paying $1.37 for the same supply. There has been no work done on the supply to my home thus nothing has changed so why the cost increase for supply.

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Hi @LarryC, Supply charges are a part of the overall price of energy, and like usage charges they do vary over time. Supply charges cover the ongoing cost to constantly maintain the network (wires, towers, pipes and so on), passed on to us by your local energy distribution company, so they're not tied to any particular work that you see or don't see done around your home. It's always a good idea to take into account both the supply cost and usage cost as part of the big picture of your energy plan, to make sure you're getting the best deal for you.

There's more info available on our How Energy is Priced page.

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Charged $145 supply charge      my usage was only $135       how do you work this out. Time to change  to another provider I think

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Hi @Laurellea, I can take a look at your bill and explain the charges for you. I will just need to send you a private message to get started. Thanks- Mark.