Senior discount

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I am 61 in age since last November and got a Senior saver card. I would ask how I can apply for the senior discount in my existing electricity and gas bill.

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Whether you can get onto the Seniors Savers Plan might depend on location.


I'm not sure if it comes up under the usual plan searches, which must be done for your property address to get the right info, it seems to be 'hidden' from the usual offerings.


So it's probably necessary to go to and phone, message, or use the chat option to get in touch with AGL and run through that.


I was on it briefly before going onto the EV plan, I thought it was a single one of $25, but in other material I read a few weeks ago, it said the Seniors Savers plan was up to $100 a year, so that $25 might apply to each quarter.

AGL Moderator
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Hi Newcustomer,


Thank you for reaching out.


We would love to have you board with our AGL Seniors Saver plan.


We will send you a private message with a personalised link, alternatively you can contact us on 13 12 45 to take up this amazing offer!


Kind regards,



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I had rang to AGL hotline and submitted the application for the senior discount. Thank you for kind response.