Recent Power Outages

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Can someone help me find a claim form for loss of perishable items due to black out??

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I wish someone send me the paperwork of link to make a claim for food spoilage. My power has been off for well over 24 hours and would appreciate assistance Thank you in advance 

AGL Moderator
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Hi Logant,


We appreciate having an extended power outage can be quite stressful, and can be a financial strain for the household.


Depending on the cause of the outage as to where you can obtain assistance.


If this relates to the wide spread outages in NSW due to the recent storm activity, AGL are not able to offer compensation as it is outside of our control.


In these instances compensation may come directly from the distributor or you may be able to make a claim with your insurance company.


You can locate your distributor by clicking here.


If the fault lies with an issue on our end please reach out via messenger or call for a compensation form by clicking here.

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I realise this is a little old, however you may be due compensation under the GSL for power companies. Check this government link out for more jnfo.