Quite a shock to see electricity prices in the Aussie states

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I'd like to know why South Australia has such a disparity with power prices as compared to ALL the other Australian states.


ACT  - 23.67c/kWh
NSW - 33.84c/kWh
NT  -   27.37c/kWh
QLD - 30.21c/kWh
SA  -  45.54c/kWh
TAS - 28.12c/kWh
VIC - 28.45c/kWh
WA  - 30.06c/kWh


These are figures from a recent comparison site done in April 2024, and seem correct from what I can find.

My brother in regional coastal Nth Qld pays 33c odd inc gst, so matches up there.


How do other states line up for community members here ?


Just comparing the SA avg to our neighbours in Victoria, that equates to us paying 160% of their avg tariff.


How can this be when the general cost of living (and wages in comparison) are generally higher in eastern states, the rates in SA should be no higher, or probably lower than eastern state capitals.


Don't let Canberra's lowest rate in Australia bother you, that puts us at 193% of their avg tarrif.

No wonder GOVCO there thinks what's the problem with power prices !

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I guess there has to be a downside for living in SA.


Nowhere can be ALL good. 🤣

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Seems very wrong @Caban and just curious at to how network authorities can come up with such a massive difference.

My initial thought is network costs, but it places such a strain on SA residents and businesses, my workshop tariffs and supply charge are higher than home too.

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I am guessing that the population compared to the geographical area covered does add to the costs of supply. There are probably fewer people to share the expenses of maintaining the infrastructure and the administrative costs.


The up side is you get to live in South Australia. You guys are only out done by the Banana Benders is extolling the virtues of their home state (in my experience) Those from WA are close.