New electricity rates imminent - very little information available

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The new electricity rates are due to take effect from 22 Jan 2020. Today, 10 Jan 2020, I received an email telling me about the new rates for my current plan.


It gave links to additional information both within and outside AGL. Unfortunately, none give information on the new rates for any plans. They only show the current (old) rates.


I've spent over 30 minutes with the online chat service and further time on the phone to try to discover the new rates for all plans.


They also found the same thing. That is - nothing.


Oops! Someone seems to have mucked up!

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Welcome to AGL Community! 

That's certainly sounds a bit strange! The new rates should be listed on the email as well, please get in touch with us here on your My Account and we can double check that for you. 


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You've missed the point. The new rates for my current plan, and only my current plan, appear in the email.


No-one, not even your staff, can find out the new rates for any AGL electricity plan from your website or any of the links in the email.