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Good morning,

My disabled son has a very rare condition and requires medication each day in the form of an injection.

The medication needs to be cooled and thus needs to be in a Fridge 24/7, and is not able to be outside of the fridge for more then 15mins as it will quickly go to room temp and this i am not permitted to use the medication.

I have had a look at the Medical concessions and there is nothing for him listed.

Can i get an concession at all for this, and UPS would also be required. However most importantly would be in the event of a power outage if we can be listed is medical priority due to the Medication needing to be cooled.

I'm able to get letters from his specialists from the children's hospital.

he is 7yrs old.


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 Hi @sebastiaan . I'm not sure whether any specific medical concession applies in this instance but it's definitely worth checking. I'd encourage you to contact customer service, by phone or chat.