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Hi there, i received a bill that is not accurate. No meter reader has come but i received the bill anyway. I contacted you over the phone but still no meter reader ha come. I now received a disconnection notice. How can you send me a bill when you haven't seen my meter.


Can we ease sort this out.

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Hello @Yany


Have a good look at your bill and see if it was "estimated", I have a feeling you received an estimated bill.

AGL your "Retailer" are not the ones that send out a meter reader.

This is done by your Energy Distributor "energy supplier" if they do not supply AGL with a meter read.

Then AGL is forced to do an estimate based on your past usage and this is not an easy thing to do as it gets colder power usage changes etc.


Then when AGL get a meter read sent to them by your energy distributor your next bill is adjusted to reflect this.


Generally speaking if you do not have a smart meter you are at the mercy of your Energy Distributor sending out a meter reader.


If it were me I would pay my bill then get it sorted out.


I do not work for AGL, I am only trying to give you some insight as to why this may have happened.




AGL Moderator
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Hi @Yany, if the meter reader wasn't able to read the meter, then you will receive a bill based on an estimated reading. You can fix that up yourself by providing your own meter reading. I will also take a look at the account for you through private message. Thanks- Mark.