Insane $900 gas bill

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ever since I moved into a new apartment since March 2023 I have been getting insane gas bills. The first one for 2 months was $350 which I thought was a bit strange. Then the next quarter was $720, and now $888!

It is only me and my partner in the apartment and we hardly ever turn on the heating. The meter for the hot water seems to increase at a crazy rate. We had the meter checked by Jemima and they said it’s ‘fine’. We also called a technician over to check for gas leaks and he said there are none.

I can’t believe this bill which is like a year’s worth of gas usage, but everyone is sitting there saying everything is fine! 
I’m at my wit’s end because we cannot afford paying this much and we are not showering 24/7 or something!


is there possibly a problem with the boiler? Am I paying for my neighbour’s gas??

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Hi @saram,

Thank you for reaching out.

I am going to message you privately so we can investigate this further.

Kind regards,