High energy bills

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Hi AGL community,


I knew energy prices were going up from the beginning of the current financial year but my electricity bill has now tripled since we moved to the new address (e.g. used to pay about $180 per quarter and now being charged $540 per quarter).


I still live with the same housemate and our lifestyle hasn’t changed - is everyone experiencing the same? 

I’m also being charged $800 per quarter for gas. We can’t afford to keep paying this much and may need to switch to a different provider.


Our details and large appliances below:

Household size: 2 adults 

Work style: 1 partially working from home, 1 works in the office

Washing machine: twice a week

Dryer: once a week

Dishwasher: twice a month / rarely used 

*we have other standard appliances - vacuum cleaner, microwave, oven toaster, oven

Would be great to know just the ball park for a two person household…at the moment we are being charged close to $1400 per quarter for gas and electricity.


Appreciate your support.

AGL Moderator
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Hi Tom1124, Thanks for reaching out. You will find useful information on our Unexpected High Bill page. 'Compare with other homes in your area' section on your bill gives you an estimated indicator of how your household energy consumption is tracking compared to other homes in your area. Alternatively, please reach out to us if you wish to discuss your usage with one of our agents. Cheers, Deepesh

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Hi Deepesh,

I do not see that option on the page you mentioned? Please direct me to the right location.