High Electricity Bill Concern

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Uncomfortable High Electricity Bill
I know how unsettling it may be to get an unexpectedly high electrical bill. Such a circumstance may be caused by a number of circumstances. To find any noteworthy differences, it's critical to first evaluate your recent energy usage habits and compare them to those from prior months. Think about whether you've used more appliances, left them running for longer periods of time, or had harsh weather that required more cooling or heating.
If your tariff rates, metre readings, or any outstanding payments from prior months that might have been added to this account have changed, it is also important to double-check these details. The cost of a transaction may occasionally increase due to a simple billing error. If after ruling out these scenarios you still believe the measure is unreasonable,
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This is my first time here. I have a big concern and wondering if others are aware of same problem as I have found is happening at our house.

We have had Controlled Load being run at our meter after 7am and up to 4.30pm Demand tarrif time. We have solar and during day we are charged for electricity coming into our meter and this is when in normal days our solar takes care of our needs.

Since 20th April 2023 mainly and there have been previous times we suddenly have Controlledload running our Hot Water heater. It had been happening around 12pm to 2pm on a daily basis. I went to the meter box and turned off all circuit breakers to find out it was power being used by Hot Water heater.

I have contacted AGL numerous times to no avail, they blame the Solar Installer. I went to Solar Installer and they will come out and at cost to me remove connection to the Controlled Load meter. Problem should be solved no more spikes during daylight hours and our solar will be used as it should to heat our water.

My problem now is to get refunded by AGL who initiated the problem to start with and have been sneakily charging us for electricity when we are not looking.